Saturday, October 20, 2012

Still Smiling

Round 2 Of Chemo, And He's Still Smiling!
Many have commented on Joshua, and how he is smiling in every picture.  Just so you know, he isn't just posing for the camera!  He has had the best attitude about all of this from the beginning!  We have learned so much from Joshua as he "cheerfully endures" this trial.  In fact, many of the doctors and nurses have commented on his cheery disposition.  During his last chemo treatment, Dr. Sato (one of our favorites) came in and said, "you don't look like a chemo're smiling!!  And of course, that made Joshua's smile even bigger. 
Early on, I was telling Josh that it's okay if he feels angry or feels like this isn't fair--you know, trying to validate his feelings (or maybe I was trying to validate my own).  He said, "what good would that do?"  And I had to ask myself, okay, who is the parent here?  He has taught me so much!  So now I try not to complain about my teeth hurting after my orthodontist appointments!  It just doesn't seem right.  :)

Josh did really well with Chemo again.  He didn't get nauseated at all and was able to eat 3 meals a day.  Also, this time, he didn't get "old man hands".  During his first round of chemo, his hands shook really bad and when he tried to eat, his food would bounce off of his fork.  We called it his "old man hands".   No tremors this time! 

He really didn't want to take this picture, but his cousin Daxton is CRAZY about spider man.  I said, "Daxton would love it!"  He said, "okay, I'll do it for Dax."  So this is for you Daxton!  Josh loves you, little man!
Josh is our Superhero!

Bernice and her cute crew showed up and we had "lunch on the balcony" (sounds better than "lunch outside").  We were able to have some fun and enjoyed seeing Quinton, Marissa, and Cassidy.  Thanks for lunch guys!
Josh participated in his first "clinical study" while at the hospital.  All he had to do was answer a few questions every day and allow them to monitor how many times people came in and out of his room.  They gave him a $20 gift card to Walmart for participating.  Now that really put a smile on his face!
So the next step in this adventure is an MRI and lumbar puncture on the the 6th of November with consults on the 7th.  If the MRI and lumbar puncture come back clear, then we will move ahead with radiation.  If they don't, then they will do 2 more rounds of chemo.  We are praying that this was Joshua's last round of chemo, EVER!!

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  1. He is amazing! Thanks for the update! Love you all!