Thursday, October 11, 2012

Joshua's Journey........So Far

After a long summer of being sick, on August 21, 2012 Joshua had a MRI that changed his life.  It revealed multiple brain tumors. One tumor (the "mother ship", as named by the neuro team)  was causing hydrocephalus by blocking the ventricles and not allowing his CSF to drain off of his brain.  That explained the headaches he couldn't shake all summer!  He had emergency surgery on the 23rd of August.  They placed a shunt and took a biopsy that came back inconclusive.  We still didn't know what his tumors were or how they would be treated.

When we took him home we had to "even things out" since the docotors had given him such a funky hair cut before his first surgery.

Since we didn't have a diagnosis, we headed to Primary Children's Medical Center where he went in for a second biopsy.  Thankfully they were able to go in through the same incision as the first biopsy.  That second surgery was done on September 4th.  It was successful, but we had to wait 10 more days for his diagnosis which was.................................

 Germinoma Brain Tumors and they were aggressive buggers.  He had really bad double vision and had really bad blurry vision the day before chemo began.  He couldn't even read the menu!  We were anxious to get his treatments started.

On September 20, 2012 Joshua underwent his first round of Chemotherapy.  He was given VP-16 and Carboplatin for 3 consecutive days.  We were grateful at how quickly his body was responding to the treatment.  He had improved vision the very first day.

Uncle Richard, Aunt Jess and Cache came by for a visit and brightened Joshua's day.  Did I mention they had Cafe Rio in tow?  Joshua is forever hooked on the Pork burrito from Cafe Rio!  It tasted even better since he had been on a steady diet of hospital food!

So, round one goes to Joshua!  He is doing awesome.  Since his vision is back, you know what that means......HOMEWORK!  He is trying to get a whole trimester of credits in 1 1/2 months.  He has decided that homeschooling is boring and he can't wait to get back to school with Drake and his friends.

We are all doing our part to try to keep Joshua healthy.  We have the daily ritual of changing sheets, disinfecting everything that can be wiped down, steam mopping floors and cleaning his very own bathroom.  He is worth all of it and more!  We all even went and got Flu shots in our effort to keep Josh healthy.  But, who can get a flu shot without getting ice cream after?  Here is Kyler, Andrew and Mom sporting their bandaids and ice cream cones!


  1. What a great account, albeit tough. I'm impressed Josh is smiling in every single picture! He is as handsome as ever. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    1. Josh has had the best attitude through all of this. I was telling him that it's o.k. for him to feel mad or angry or think this isn't fair, you know, trying to validate his feelings (or maybe I was trying to validate my own) and he said, "what good would that do?" We have learned a lot from Josh through all of this. Those pictures say it all, he is "cheerfully enduring!"