Monday, October 15, 2012

A "Hairy" Situaion

A" Hairy" Situation!

After waking up to a hairy pillow, Josh took matters into his own hands, and shaved his head!  We think he looks awesome!  And yep, he is still smiling!  He had labs drawn today, and yipee, his counts are all up!  That means we will be headed to Primary Children's tomorrow morning, and he will have 3 more days of chemo starting Wednesday.  We hope and pray that this will be his last round of Chemo!  They will do a MRI in about 3 weeks and if everything looks good they will start radiation treatment.  So, this is how they explained it to us, "the chemo melts the tumors and the radiation destroys them."  The two treatments together have less side-effects because you are using smaller doses of each and a greater cure rate -----(95 to 100%).  We are going for 100% cured!!!

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  1. Good job Daylene! You know I love blogging and reading blogs. I love the smile on his face in all of the pictures.