Friday, October 18, 2013

Serving Up Wishes

Serving Up Wishes
Boise, Idaho

On Sept. 30, 2013, our family traveled to Boise for the 11th Annual "Serving Up Wishes" fund raiser for Make A Wish Idaho.  They had asked Josh to be the featured wish child for the event a few months earlier.  The event was held at Boise State University in a windowed room that overlooks the BSU stadium.  As tradition holds, the Student Athletes from BSU are highly involved with this fundraiser, along with "Coach Pete" (BSU head football coach) himself.  The students try to win your "wish bucks" by doing tricks and such.  I paid some of the football team to sing "Happy Birthday" to Andrew and then pack him around the room on their shoulders.  They did it, and Andrew loved it!  One football player let Kyle wear his bowl rings and take a picture with them for a small fee.  It was a lot of fun and the student athletes were amazing and catered to our children as they were the only children there!  Andrew and Kyler had the night of their lives!

As part of the program, KTVB had put together a short video clip of Josh's wish. Here is the You Tube link. (It is posted on my facebook page as I couldn't get it to post here)  It captures his wish beautifully.  After the video, Josh spoke about his wish and the impact it had on his life.  A couple of lines out of his talk that really touched me were, "My wish gave me a chance to stop thinking about all of the things I couldn't do and instead focus on something amazing that I could do.  I could give!"  He ended his speech by saying, "People have said that I gave my wish away.  I like to think that I was able to make 7 dreams come true instead of just one."  He received a standing ovation!  Everyone was so touched by Josh and what he did with his wish.  People said they were so inspired by his story!  I was so proud of Josh and grateful for the opportunity for others to witness what an amazing son Kyle and I have been blessed with!

Andrew and Kyler



Andrew after they sang "Happy Birthday" 

We asked the shorter football player what his trick was.  He said, look how short I am.  That is my trick!

Josh and Kelsie with BSU football players

You too can have your picture taken with this BSU football player, and his rings for a small fee.

Coach Pete with our family (minus Drake--he was working potatoes and couldn't leave!)

My brother Richard got to come and spend the evening with us.  It was a highlight for me!  His wife went into labor that night so he had to leave a little early!  Sorry Jess!

Josh and Kyler, Dawg!

This BSU basketball player was spinning the ball on his finger, bounced it off his knee, and caught it again on his finger while it was still spinning.  Kyler was impressed!

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