Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to Life

1st Post Treatment MRI
Josh had his first follow up MRI and lumbar puncture on March 11th.  Everything looks great!  We are thrilled with the news!

Getting "back to life" has been harder than we anticipated it would be.  The chemo and radiation has taken such a toll on Josh's body that he is extremely tired most of the time.  We were all so excited for Josh to go back to school and do all of those things that he has missed doing that we didn't take into consideration that he might not have the energy to do it all.  He has been frustrated with the price he has to pay after he exerts himself to do fun things.  "Fun" comes at a high price!  It doesn't help that he got the flu shortly after his return to school and also a spinal headache from his last lumbar puncture.  He has had to go back to "home bound" study for school and we are all trying to be more patient with his recovery!  Recovery has been harder than treatment........we didn't expect that.

                                     This is what Josh has been up to since treatment ended:
Josh and Brianne Groom all dressed up for the Valentines dance.  They had a progressive dinner, played games and made it to the dance for a whole 20 minutes before it was over!  He had a blast!

Josh and Rylee Cook in their matching t-shirts for the Spring Fling.  The weather wouldn't have told you it was spring as they had to dash to the car in a hail storm.  They played games at the old Jr. high, ate pizza, sculpted ice cream and actually made it to the dance in good time!  All the couples in their group had matching super heroes t-shirts from Captain America to Iron Man.  It sounded like a lot of fun!

We took a trip south to try to warm up and to see Grandma and Grandpa before they leave on their mission.  We had a blast at the Clark County Fair and enjoyed our time with family!  It was 90 degrees in southern Nevada.  We had a hard time coming back home to weather in the 40's.
Drake was a hit with the ladies!! 
Josh, Uncle Quincy, and Jensen
Josh and Uncle Kevin who is often mistaken for Kyle

  We haven't seen Lex for a number of years and had to miss her wedding because of treatments.  It was so good to see her and meet her husband Tim. 

Bryson (Kevin and Di's son) won his round of "Mutton Bustin'" and we were all so excited for him.  He was the only contestant that stayed on the sheep the entire 8 seconds!  Way to go Bryson!


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