Monday, December 2, 2013


"Serving up Wishes"--The Rest of the Story
So, there's more to the "Serving up Wishes" story than what I previously posted!  You see after the event a kind and generous man whom we had never met before offered Josh an amazing gift!  His name is Mark Miller, and he was so touched by Joshua's story and wish that he, well, he pretty much gave Josh a second wish.  In the video that they showed that evening, it showed Josh opening a Detroit Piston's t-shirt on Christmas morning.  Mark Miller gave Josh 4 front row, court side, tickets to see the Detroit Pistons play the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland.  He also offered to fly 4 from Boise to Portland for the game and arrange for a hotel.  On November 11th, 2013 Josh, Drake, Kyle and Uncle Kevin were headed to Boise for a trip of a lifetime!  This was Josh's first time flying, and he loved it!

To their surprise, Mark Miller had given them what he had promised and so much more!  They were picked up at the airport by a stretch limo!!  They couldn't believe it!  Josh said he felt pretty classy riding around Portland in a Limo!  When they arrived to their hotel there was a Portland Trail Blazers sweatshirt waiting for Josh along with a table covered with all of Joshua's favorite things!  After indulging in the goodies and taking in the beautiful hotel, it was time to head to the game because, wouldn't you know it, they had dinner reservations at the "Court side Lounge" inside the arena!  Mark had arranged for that too!  After an amazing dinner they were headed to their seats--COURT SIDE!!  

  They saw Rasheed Wallace's bald spot up close and personal, got to throw back some balls to the players as they were warming up, Kyle met one of his all time favorite players from back in the day, Joe Dumar, received hats from the cheerleaders, and even got a game used towel. 

Thank you Mark Miller for your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness that turned this trip into a dream come true for 4 huge NBA fans!

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