Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keep on Smiling!

Round 3 of Chemo
Josh underwent round 3 of chemo on November 14th.  He was at PCMC again for 4 days--3 of those days being chemo.  He smiled his way through it.  It was interesting to hear almost all of his Doctors and Nurses comment on his cheery disposition, his kindness and his great manners.  He continued to thank everyone that did anything for him, even if they were drawing his blood.  His gratitude was contagious!  One nurse commented to me on what a sweet spirit Josh has.  I had to agree.  When we were getting ready to leave his Doctor said it was a privilege to work with Josh and that she looked forward to seeing him each time.  We ended that conversation with hugs.  Is it appropriate to hug your caregivers? 
Kyler spent the week at Aunt Bernice's and came to visit on Thursday.  It was SO good to see our little man!  He put a smile on all of our faces. 


It's a Small World After All!
So, in the picture below I am with Joshua's nurse that we see when we go to clinic.  We just saw her last week in clinic when we went down for Josh's MRI.  The interesting thing about this story is that all this time we didn't realize or appreciate who Joshua's nurse was.  We knew her name was Jessica but what we didn't know was that her last name was Jensen and she lived across the street from Grandma Haworth for 3 years in Logandale.  Her husband is Jason Jensen and their family, the Jensens, grew up in the house across the street from Grandma.  Jessica figured it out and came and found us while we were in the hospital.  She walked in and said, "is your grandma Sharon Haworth?" 


                                                                    Round 3--DONE!!

 Andrew was REALLY excited when we got home (evidenced below)!  I made it back in time to watch Andrew wrestle in his first match.  It was so fun!  Good job, Andrew!

My brother Jaydel had these bracelets made to show his love and support of Joshua and to serve as a reminder that we can smile, even in the midst of adversity!

So, Keep on smiling!

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